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    1. Registration for the MA Game Development and Research has been extended until May 31st. The form closes at 23:59 CEST.
    2. In the beginning of June the interview invitations will be posted on CGL's website.
    3. The interviews will take place in the second half of June.
    4. The results will be communicated via email in the beginning of July.
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  • Step 1/3, Personal data

    Please fill in all requested information and be sure to submit it all at once. If you leave or reload the website before hitting the submit button in step 3, all of your data will be lost. Make sure to double-check everything before submitting since you will not be able to make any corrections, changes or additions afterwards. All fields are mandatory if not stated otherwise.

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  • Step 2/3, Upload your files

    Please prepare all required documents in the proper format and file size before uploading them to our servers.

    Work samples

    Please upload a file and/or provide a link to your portfolio. Please specify your role in case of group projects.

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  • Step 3/3, Submit your data

    Have you provided all of the necessary data? Have you double-checked your submission? Once you hit the submit button and the file upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation about your submission via email with information on the next steps of the application process. You will also obtain an applicant number. Make sure to keep your number safe! It will be important in the next steps of the application. If you do not receive an email soon, please check your spam folder before contacting us.

    All applications will be assessed by an evaluation committee. In the beginning of June, we will publish the interview schedule on our website. To find out if you are invited to an interview, you will need your applicant number, since we will not use your name. If you have been invited to an interview, you should find your applicant number next to the date and time of your slot. If you cannot find your number, this means that you did not make it to the next stage of the application process.

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